Kavey Eats & Mamta’s Kitchen @ Covent Garden Real Food Market – Thursday 27 August

The day of reckoning finally approaches – I’ll be hosting a stall at the Covent Garden Real Food Market this Thursday, 27th August!

As I have mentioned previously, I signed up a few months ago to participate in a collaboration between food bloggers and market organisers. Members of the UK Food Bloggers Association are taking it in turns to host a UKFBA stall at the market and my turn has finally arrived.

Several weeks ago I made the first goods for the stall in two marathon days with my mum and a (godsent) visiting cousin. We made chutneys, pickles, ketchups, jams and marmalades which we bottled into my beautiful hexagonal 8oz jars and my mini 1.5 oz jars.

Since then I’ve also made some fudge, designed and printed labels, worked out costings and prices, bagged up the fudge, stuck hundreds of labels onto hundreds of jars and cut out a ridiculous number of squares of organza which I’ve secured to the 8oz jam jars with elastic bands!

The next couple of days will see me baking jam tarts, brownies, biscuits and cakes and pulling everything we need to take together and packing it all into boxes. It’s a surprisingly big list when you get down to it!

Whilst I’m really looking forward to the day I’m also quite nervous about it, even though I am, believe it or not, doing this for fun! Having always enjoyed browsing and buying from food markets such as this one, I think it will be quite an experience to be on the other side of the stall for once!

The stall will most likely be located on the cobbled area to the East of the covered market in Covent Garden (though if it’s not there, check the West side as it did move on one occasion). And we’ll be there from noon to 8pm (though we’ll probably be up and running an hour earlier and we may slope off early in the unlikely event we sell all our stock).

Pete and I will be there the whole time. My mum (Mamta of Mamta’s Kitchen) is hoping to be there for a couple of hours between 1pm and 3pm though as she’s landing back home tomorrow she may be too jetlagged on the day.

I’d LOVE for friends and readers to come and visit us at the stall – no obligation to buy anything but would certainly appreciate the support and it would be great to put faces to names for many of my online friends.

If you do come along, please introduce yourself to us!

Wish me luck!

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10 Comments to "Kavey Eats & Mamta’s Kitchen @ Covent Garden Real Food Market – Thursday 27 August"

  1. Debs @ DKC

    Best of luck for the market Kavey, sorry I can't be in UK. Would have loved to visit and say “hola”, we'll manage it one of these days.

  2. Mickle in NZ

    I hope the weather is kind and the customers keen and happy. NZ is just a wee bit far away for me to be there, I'll be supporting you in spirit.

    bestest wishes, Michelle in NZ

  3. Anonymous

    Good luck with your grand experiment! I would love to come by and check it out but I am a bit far off in Texas! Have Fun!

  4. Ann (applelisa)

    Lovely to meet you all earlier – we'll be having a pickle-tasting session later! Hope the rest of the day went really well…

  5. Karen J

    /Whimper for a change I'm actually feeling a little home sick and it's been awhile. I love reading your blog. Jam…yum I haven't had home made jam in forever. Good luck with the Covent Garden escapade.


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