As sharp as a knife!

Whilst I was delighted with the quality of Abel & Cole’s chicken their fruit and vegetables continue to be a mixed bag (or should that be box), just as they were when we finally cancelled our order back in 2007.

I’ve already posted about the rubbery carrots and the slightly yellowing giant spinach leaves. The fruit was in far better condition and I looked forward to biting into the smooth, attractive nectarines. Small but perfectly formed, these nectarines looked beautiful!

When I did so on Tuesday evening, they were perfectly ripe, soft and full of juice – but oh so very sharp!

Now, I’m known for my overly sweet tooth so I passed the fruit over to my husband – he has a taste for much sharper fruit than I. He too dismissed the nectarine as far too sharp to eat. I bit into nectarine after nectarine until a pile of 6 nectarines sat next to me, each one with a small bite taken out of it. Not one was sweet enough to eat and yet so soft and juicy with ripeness they could not have been left any longer without rotting.

Determined not to waste the fruit I roughly cut the flesh away from the 6 small fruits and threw it into a small pan with some white sugar and stewed it for several minutes until the fruit released some of it’s juice and this mixed in with the sugar to create a tasty sweet syrup.

Still a touch sharp for my tastes, I should probably have added a little more sugar. I ate these as they were but they would have been lovely with a dollop of creme fraiche or mascarpone.


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