Courage & Stupidity: A fine line!

I’m not sure whether I should be feeling excited, optimistic and confident or panicked, depressed and terrified.

Along with several of my fellow UK food bloggers, I’ve signed up to host a stall at the Covent Garden Real Food Market. This market is selling food and drink delights to locals and tourists alike, every Thursday through to the 24th September. My date is the 27th August!

This collaboration between bloggers and market organisers is the brainchild of Julia Parsons, author of renowned A Slice of Cherry Pie and founder of the UK Food Bloggers Association.

Chris Dreyfus from More Tea Vicar has set a high standard for the rest of us to follow. Read the Independent’s article on the stall, here.

And on the 27th August, just before the busiest bank holiday weekend of the year, it’s my turn!

Wish me luck!

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