A Tale of Two Crumbles

It was Pete’s birthday on Wednesday. And I singularly failed to get him any birthday presents at all. I claim mitigating circumstances though, as he’s resolutely refused to come up with any ideas at all for things he wants.

So, whilst out buying something for lunch at work, I picked up some rhubarb as a last-minute present. He loves rhubarb, you see, but seldom buys it because I can’t stand it. I do encourage him to buy it anyway just for himself, but he never does. So I bought him some sticks of rhubarb for his birthday.

After close consultation it became clear that rhubarb crumble was his preferred recipe. As we were going to dinner at a friend’s house on Friday (whose birthday falls a few days after Pete’s), I decided to make two crumbles for dessert that evening; one rhubarb crumble and another pear and apple one.

The rhubarb was stewed with some sugar and a healthy splash of port.

The (eating not cooking) apples and pears were similarly treated, however I completely forgot that apples break down much faster than similarly hard pears so the result was port pink apple compote with chunks of pears!

For the crumble topping I mixed approximately two parts flour to one part sugar and one part butter. For the sugar I used about a third dark brown and the rest white.

These went into three plastic boxes for transportation to our friend’s house, along with suitable dishes in which to assemble them.

I spread the fruit fillings into my two dishes and spread the raw crumble topping over them both.

Once both crumbles were covered in a generous layer of topping they went into the oven for 30-45 minutes.

They came out looking beautiful! The good news is that they tasted great too!


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