Sunshine in a tiny sphere: muscat grapes for breakfast!

I love fruit. Grapes are one of my favourites and perfectly ripe muscat grapes are one of the best!

Seedless muscat grapes

I bought a large bunch of seedless muscat grapes from M&S yesterday, ignoring my usual preference not to buy fruit and veg produce from further afield than Europe unless it’s something that’s simply not grown in this part of the world – these were grown in Chile. Well, they looked so wonderful and were on offer for half price too. Usually M&S are, in my opinion, overpriced for fruit and veg, even taking into account the excellent quality. But 500 grams of beautiful, ripe, seedless muscats in excellent condition for less than £3 – I simply couldn’t resist. I do feel a bit naughty about their provenance though!

I know there are many varieties of muscat grapes including a range of white, yellow, orange and black ones. Mine are perfect little spheres of pale yellowy-green with a pink blush.

They are wonderfully sweet with a flavour that’s almost perfumey.

What a wonderful breakfast for Good Friday!

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