Strawberries & Cream!

Although many may call me a philistine, I like my strawberries with sugar and cream, even when they’re perfectly ripe and sweet! My usual preference is to chop them, stir them into some thick, unctuous cream and mix in some sugar to help draw out their juices. I then leave them in the fridge a few hours before eating!

Having been tempted by a double reduction on Spanish strawberries in my local Waitrose, I took the lazy option and used our Magimix to do the chopping for me, opting for floppy juliennes. Once I’d mixed the two punnets of strawberries with the two pots of extra thick double cream (and sugar) I realised I’d made rather too much for dessert!

After enjoying a portion each after dinner I followed the advice of some fellow foodies and used my little ice-cream maker to freeze most of the rest for another time.

I really ought to have added more sugar before doing this – the mixture was correctly sweetened for eating as it was but I remembered too late that an ice-cream mix needs to taste too sweet before freezing in order to be sweet enough once frozen. Still, it will make a nice, light dessert to enjoy soon and I can always make some chocolate sauce to serve with it, to add a little sweetness back.

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