Simple (& Tasty) Chicken Risotto

Another pictureless post again, I’m afraid, sorry!

On Sunday night we made the simplest of risottos from Saturday’s slow cooker chicken and some of the (first round) stock.

We used just four Ingredients – arborio rice, butter, the homemade stock (watered down a touch as it was so thick and gelatinous) and the chicken meat (chopped into small pieces). No onions or shallots (or celery, which I detest), no garlic…

Method: Fry the dry rice in the butter until the rice becomes quite translucent, then add the stock bit by bit. Purists will use a second pan in which to keep the stock hot, add just a small ladle at a time and allow it to absorb fully into the rice before adding more. We, on the other hand, added the stock cold and in only 3 goes. Once the rice is cooked but still has some liquid left, tip in the meat and stir through until piping hot. The chicken will absorb the extra liquid.

That’s it! Who would have thought that such a simple dish could taste so utterly delicious? All down to the quality of the stock, which was amazing, and the chicken meat, soft and full of flavour.

Clearly proof of Julia Child’s assertion that “you don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces – just good food from fresh ingredients.”

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