Second Slow Cooker Trial A Huge Success!

I recently blogged about my first attempt using a slow cooker which didn’t come out quite as well as I hoped. I tried again yesterday and this time, I was delighted with the results.

Yesterday morning I put into the slow cooker crockpot some chopped onions and carrots, a number of bayleaves and a small free range chicken. Over that I poured half a bottle of white wine we’d had lurking in the cupboard for years and the same again of boiling water. I switched the cooker on to high for the next hour and a half before turning it down to medium. (The low setting is, I’ve been told, just for keeping food warm once cooked and not for actually cooking anything).

It didn’t take long for wonderful smells to fill the kitchen and, later, the whole house but I didn’t get my hopes up since the last one smelled pretty good too. That said, this one smelled even better!

After 1.5 hours on high and 6.5 on medium it was time to eat and Pete helped me lift the bird carefully out of the pot and into a large waiting dish. I’d been warned it would be so soft it might not stay in one piece, and indeed one of the legs fell off during the transfer.

The meat was beautifully soft and it didn’t take me long to separate every last scrap of it from the skin and bones. I put half aside for a risotto for tomorrow night and we had half for dinner. With roast potatoes and some of the unctuous carrots, it was a lovely evening meal.

Later, we drained the cooking liquid and now find ourselves with a full litre of unbelievably tasty and rich stock. I’ve put 600 ml into the freezer and will use the remainder to make the risotto tomorrow night.

And, just to see whether it was worthwhile, I put all the skin and bones of the chicken back into the slow cooker together with the same carrots and onions I used first time around (perhaps should have used fresh?) plus the other half of the wine, 750 ml of water and some fresh bay leaves. I wasnt sure whether there would be flavour left in those bones to make a second stock. To my surprise, the second stock was also rich and full of flavour, so that’s another 750 ml of good stock to put into the freezer!

I’m so pleased at how the dish came out (though I completely forgot to take any photos) that I’m definitely keen to use the slow cooker again. (I’m borrowing it from my mum for a few weeks to help us decide whether or not we want to get one ourselves).

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  1. kaveyeats

    Just a note to add that this works perfectly wine omitting the wine and using all water instead.


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