Mini Restaurant Review: Dim Sum at Gerrard’s Corner, China Town, London

One of my long-time regular China Town haunts for dim sum is Gerrard’s Corner (on the corner of Gerrard and Wardour).

I’d arranged to meet an out-of-town friend and her husband there for a dim sum lunch. I met Carol l on a foodie chat board and we’ve met a few times at GTGs now. Although she’s my mum’s age we have so much in common and are very much alike.

Over a couple of chat-filled hours, we slowly worked our way through 16 dim sum items!

Whelks with satay sauce
King prawn dumplings
Seafood and scallop dumplings
Paper wrapped prawns
Crispy bbq pork puff pastry
Deep fried squid
Deep fried stuffed prawns with sugar cane
Steamed lobster dumplings (x 2)
Octopus thai style
Deep fried dough stick cheung fun
Scallop cheung fun
Yam croquette
Glutinous rice in lotus leaf
Deep fried prawn rolls with garlic
Crab and mashed prawn dumplings

All washed down with copious amounts of tea (Jasmine for them, Oolong for me) it was a bargain at only £15 each!

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