What did I eat on holiday?

We recently returned from a 5 day holiday (3 nights in Bruges and 1 in France) that I’d organised as a GTG for members of an online photography community.

In just a few days I put on 1.5 kilos! How?

* Belgian shrimp croquettes (coated in breadcrumbs and deep-fried)
* A fabulous shrimp starter in a creamy sauce
* Ostrich in a rich, cream and boursin sauce
* A huge waffle smothered in fresh strawbs, chocolate sauce and whipped cream
* A fabulous breakfast (3 times) of smoked fish, cheese, cold meats, fresh fruit, tinned fruit and boiled eggs, fruit juice. No carbs but fairly calorie heavy anyway!
* A croque madame (toasted ham and cheese sandwich topped with a fried egg) and frites
* A thick banana milkshake
* A thick chocolate milkshake
* Several full fat coca-colas over the course of the trip
* Some Belgian fruit drinks branded Looza
* Another starter of shrimps in creamy sauce
* Flemish beef stew with frites and apple compote
* Ice-cream filled profiteroles with chocolate sauce and whipped cream
* Steak and frites
* Another waffle with strawberries, chocolate sauce and whipped cream
* A starter of smoked salmon with toast
* The best spare ribs I’ve ever eaten in my entire life with a few frites on the side
* Chocolate mousse, ice-cream, raspberry sauce, chocolate sauce and whipped cream
* Mussels in garlic butter and bread with butter
* Foie gras with brioche and a fruity compote
* A glass of Sauternes dessert wine
* Scallops in puff pastry with creamy sauce
* Duck breast with cooked fruits and gravy
* Cheese
* Dessert
* Another breakfast consisting of croissant, bread (with butter and jam) and pains au chocolat
* Some belgian chocolates (though actually not very many)
* Some raspberry jelly suits called Cuberdons/ Noses
* A lunch of cheese-filled pasta with mixed cheese sauce
* Probably some other stuff that I’ve missed out!!!


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