Jellyfish, Tripe and Turnip Cake!

Today I went to a fun GTG of folks from the BBC Food Chat board. We met for lunch at Crispy Duck on Gerrard Street in China Town and shared a huge array of dim sum. Many dishes were familiar favourites (scallop dumplings, prawn dumplings, pork dumplings, thai octopus, turnip cake, sticky rice parcels and more) but I also tried some new dishes including jellyfish, served cold, sliced with cucumbers, a little like bang bang chicken and tripe, served, well just in gelatinous little strips.

I was surprised to enjoy both, especially the jellyfish. I hadn’t expected to like the tripe given the sheer number of people who find it disgusting. It’s still not something I’d necessarily choose to order but I’d happily eat it again.

I really like being able to try something new… I think it’s good to expose myself to something different alongside all the firm favourites.


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