12 Perfect Pancake Recipes for Pancake Day

There’s nothing wrong with classic crêpes (with sugar and lemon juice, please) or a stack of American-style or Scotch pancakes with maple syrup or chocolate sauce. But if you’re looking for something different for Pancake Day (or any other day), check out these twelve unusual  ideas for sweet and savoury pancakes.

Collage of Perfect Pancake Recipes for Pancake Day or Any Day

The Best Savoury Pancake Recipes

Bacon Pancakes

Until I came across the cunning idea of embedding rashers of bacon within a pancake, I’d always ordered my pancakes with bacon on the side. These Bacon Pancakes are far more fun! Recipe from Kavey Eats.

Kefir Kale Pancakes

Not just for Kermit, these Kefir Kale Pancakes are a bit different, bringing a subtle tang and a portion of veg to these pretty, savoury pancakes. Recipe from Tin and Thyme.

Korean Mung Bean Pancakes

These Korean Mung Bean Pancakes look utterly delicious, and the recipe can very easily be adapted to make it gluten free, since it uses only a tablespoon of flour, which can be switched for rice flour, GF flour, or omitted. Recipe from Christina’s Cucina.

Leek Pancakes

Having just moved to Wales, these Leek Pancakes are just up my (new) street, and they look fantastic both with and without the spinach, kale and ricotta filling. Recipe from Searching for Spice.

Oatmeal Sri Lankan Hoppers

If you’ve not yet tried hoppers, do have a go at these Oatmeal Sri Lankan Hoppers, perfect for breakfast or brunch. Recipe from Fuss Free Flavours.

The Best Sweet Pancake Recipes

Atayef Middle Eastern Pancake

Atayef are a popular Middle Eastern dessert. The light, fluffy pancakes are fried on one side and left bubbly on the other, and often served folded around a sweet filling such as soft white cheese with sugar and rose water. Recipe from Little Sunny Kitchen.

American Style Chocolate and Raspberry Pancakes

Who could resist these American Style Chocolate and Raspberry Pancakes, with fresh raspberry compote and a rich chocolate sauce? Recipe from Supper in the Suburbs.

Coconut Banana Pancakes

For a tropical flavour combination, I’m drawn to these Coconut Banana Pancakes, with their lovely lacy texture. They are also both gluten and dairy free. Recipe from Recipes Made Easy.

Fluffy Gingerbread Pancakes

These Fluffy Gingerbread Pancakes are Vegan, so great when you’re cooking for a vegan diet, but so delicious that everyone will love them. Recipe from Veggie Desserts.

Matcha Tea Pancakes

Another gorgeous green recipe in these Gluten Free Matcha Pancakes, served with a berry and honey sauce. Recipe from A Mummy Too.

Poffertjes (Dutch Pancakes)

If you’ve visited Holland, you will already be familiar with the delicious treat that is Poffertjes (Dutch Pancakes), small puffy pancakes most commonly enjoyed as street food, but easy to make at home too. Recipe from Lost in Food.

Sticky Toffee Pudding Pancakes

I love this recipe for Sticky Toffee Pudding Pancakes, a clever riff on the classic dessert – date-studded pancakes drenched in a  decadent toffee sauce. Recipe from Something Sweet Something Savoury.

Collage of Pancake Recipes

With thanks to my fellow bloggers for sharing their delicious pancake recipes with me for this Pancake Day round up!

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9 Comments to "12 Perfect Pancake Recipes for Pancake Day"

  1. Corina

    Such a lovely pancake round up! I love your idea of embedding the bacon in the pancake – I’d never thought of doing that before but now I think it’s something I have to try soon.

  2. Kate

    So many creative pancake recipes! They’re a simple everyday food, but goodness they can be given the WOW factor!

  3. Choclette

    Ooh, I think I might need to make pancakes for breakfast tomorrow morning. Much as I like sweet pancakes, savoury are my favourite and you’ve included some fabulous ones here. I’ve been wanting to try hoppers for a long time, now I’ve seen Helen’s gorgeous example, I’m even keener to try them.

  4. Christina

    What a great choice of pancake recipes! There’s something for everyone! Thanks for including my mung bean pancakes, too!

  5. Diana

    I recently learned how to make the Korean bung bean pancakes with the chilli dipping sauce, and they’re amazing! Thanks for including my atayef pancakes in this roundup.

  6. Helen

    My absolute favorite is the American Style Chocolate and Raspberry Pancakes. They are just out of this world. Amazing recipe 🙂


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