Kitchen Organisation: Larder Cupboard

A few months ago, I talked about the way we organise the contents of our freezer.

Next, it was the turn of the larder – a large under-the-stairs cupboard which stays relatively cool year round thanks to an air brick through the outer wall.




Before we re-organised, all the shelves looked a bit like this one. Although items were roughly grouped together, they were often moved when trying to find things or to fit in new things. Lots of items were stacked on top of each other, as the shelves are deep and tall.




A few inexpensive shelf inserts were all it took to make the space more usable and then it was simply a case of grouping items logically – preserves are at the top; sugar and sweet baking items are next along with a few other sweet items such as tinned fruit, speculoos spread and cereals; below that is a shelf full of savoury foods including staples such as flour, pasta and rice as well as olives and a couple of pasta sauces. The bottom two shelves are set aside for drinks and the door shelf units hold shorter term snacks such as biscuits.

The cupboard was reorganised a few months ago and so far, it’s proved to be fairly easy to keep it orderly.

The next improvement will be a list on the inside of the door to list the contents of each shelf. However as there are many more items than in the freezer, I think our freezer whiteboard solution won’t work. Any ideas?