Win a Chocolate Badger for Easter!

Not a bunny. Not a chick. Not an egg. But a badger!


Isn’t he marvellously, madly, adorably gorgeous?

Bettys have a wide range of Easter treats including more conventionally-shaped chocolate products and a delicious range of cakes and bakes. But it’s their Milk Chocolate Badgers that caught my eye. Made from Swiss milk chocolate and hand decorated with milk, white and dark chocolate, they weigh 330 grams and cost £20 each.

You don’t have to be Brian May to send these cuties to your friends this Easter!


Bettys is a family business which began back in 1919. Frederick Belmont, a young orphan from Switzerland, spent his teens in apprenticeships working for and learning from bakers and confectioners across Europe. By the time he arrived here in England, he had dreams of opening his own business. Through fortune and luck, he made his way to Bradford, and found the beautiful countryside of the region reminded him of his Swiss homeland. He decided to stay, and opened the first Bettys Cafe Tea Rooms in Harrogate. His combination of European confectionery and a warm welcome was a huge success. In the following years, he opened a craft bakery with its own orchard and then more branches of Bettys in other Yorkshire towns.

In the 1960s, Bettys bought another well-established Yorkshire business, the tea and coffee merchants, Taylors of Harrogate. The combination remains a strong one. Today, the company runs six tea rooms, a cookery school, the tea and coffee business and a thriving online store.

I’ve tried some of their cakes and can vouch for how good they are.


Bettys are offering one of their Milk Chocolate Badgers to one lucky Kavey Eats reader this Easter. The prize includes free delivery within the UK.




You can enter the competition in 3 ways:

Entry 1 – Blog Comment
Leave a comment below, telling me which woodland creature you’d like to see immortalised in chocolate and why.

Entry 2 – Twitter
Follow @Kavey on Twitter. Existing followers are, of course, welcome to enter!
Then tweet the (exact) sentence below.
I’d love to win a Chocolate Badger from Kavey Eats and @Bettys1919! #KaveyEatsChocBadger
You don’t need to leave a blog comment about your tweet.

Entry 3 – Facebook

Like the Kavey Eats Facebook page and leave a (separate) comment on this blog post with your Facebook user name.



  • The deadline for entries is midnight GMT Saturday 16th March 2013.
  • Kavey Eats reserves the right to alter the closing date of the competition. Changes to the closing date, if they occur, will be shown on this page.
  • The winners will be selected from all valid entries using a random number generator.
  • Entry instructions form part of the terms and conditions.
  • Where prizes are to be provided by a third party, Kavey Eats accepts no responsibility for the acts or defaults of that third party.
  • The prize for is a Bettys of Harrogate Milk Chocolate Badger, with free delivery within the UK.
  • The prize cannot be redeemed for a cash value.
  • The prize is offered and provided by Bettys of Harrogate.
  • One blog entry per person only. One Twitter entry per person only. One Facebook entry per person only. You do not have to enter all three ways for your entries to be valid.
  • For Twitter entries, winners must be following @Kavey at the time of notification. For Facebook entries, winners must Like the Kavey Eats Facebook page at time of notification.
  • Blog comment entries must provide a valid email address for contacting the winner.
  • The winners will be notified by email, Twitter or Facebook. If no response is received within 7 days of notification, the prize will be forfeit and a new winner will be picked and contacted.


Kavey Eats received sample products from Bettys of Harrogate.

The winner of this competition was Joanne McGawley.

  291 Responses to “Win a Chocolate Badger for Easter! (Closed)”

  1. I’d like to see a stag immortalised in chocolate because if it was life sized it would keep me in chocolate for at least three days.

  2. Squirrels are my favourite woodland creature. A large, hollow, plain chocolate squirrel, filled with gianduja acorns would be delightful, either at Easter or any other time.

  3. A Beetle! I’ve never seen anyone manage to make an insect out of chocolate. Ground beetles(Carabids) are really important in woodlands, and while tricky to make, chocobeetle would have lots of solid chocolate appendages to nibble.

  4. Stoat without a a doubt. There is the obvious cuteness factor, but besides that, they are amongst the 100 world’s most invasive species, so I’m sure there are many folks out there who would be happy to replace some of their population with chocolate versions instead. (Not that this would happen.)

  5. A bear.

    Hear me out.

    A solid, 300kg, 1:1 scale of an Eurasian Brown Bear made out of Swiss chocolate.

    I’d be set for life.

  6. I’d love to see a chocolate hedgehog. Just because it has always been my favourite animal and would look so cute.

  7. Immortalise the raccoon! The poor loves have such a bad rep. I know how it feels to be hungry all the time too.

  8. I’d like to see a fox

  9. A Harvest Mouse because they are endangered now due to combine harvesters & other animals praying on them.

  10. Not sure you can top the Badger, but how about Fallow Deer – always in a herd so there would be lots and little white chocolate spots all over would be yummy!

  11. Liked on FB too – Angela Glynn. Fingers crossed!

  12. Liked Facebook Page

    Tracey Peach xxx

  13. A hedge hog! x

  14. A red squirrel, because I’ve never seen one for real

  15. Liked on Facebook – Hollie Adlam

  16. A skunk would be nice made of white and milk chocolate. That would be cute!

  17. A red quirrel before they’re driven to extinction by the greys

  18. elainehollis. Liked on facebook

  19. A hedgehog please

  20. Who could resist that badger – he is gorgeous. Remembering feats of daring do from the past when my uncle was in his wildlife photography phase and used to climb the trees of our local woodland to film buzzard chicks, I think a full blown chocolate buzzard in flight would be rather splendid.

  21. I would like to see a hedgehog

  22. I’ve liked your facebook page – Choclette Cacao

  23. A family of little wood mice would be cute

  24. a hedgehog for me please , they so adorable

  25. wow…truly out there as a chocolate animal but what a fabulous work of art…be a shame to eat but hopefully I will get too…lol.

  26. A grass snake – they are harmless and chocolate ones might encourage people to treat them more kindly. Those scared of snakes could eat their fears.

  27. A monkey would be fab

  28. a great big wooly mammoth. mmmmmm

  29. A squirrel!!! Or a woodpecker would be ace!

  30. A Squirrel. liked on facebook and entered on twitter

  31. I’d love to see an hedgehog. They’re beautiful , so hard to spot nowdays and my favourite woodland creature

  32. best blog post title ever!… i’d be a Robin Red Breast x

  33. A hare – rabbits are made lot of at Easter, but hares are fantastic

  34. A hedgehog – we had a family of them in the garden when I lived at home, brings back memories

  35. I’d like to see a squirrel. I think they would be very popular, especially with children as they all love to watch squirrels.

  36. Its fantastic, so cute x

  37. I’d like to see a Tawny Owl in chocolate with nice white chocolate eyes and an apricot beak!

  38. the bes chocolate shape ever

  39. A squirrel would be a good one as with its big tail their would be loads of chocolate and it would be nutty!

  40. liked on facebook belinda porter
    twitter @bella97p
    thank you

  41. The poor Weasel should be immortalized in lovely yummy chocolate. you don’t tend to much about them. xx

  42. An otter, they are so lovely.

  43. A squirrel!

  44. Have liked on facebook as Leah Wheatley

  45. I’s like to see a squirrel as they are cute looking!

  46. That Badger looks tasty!

  47. Liked facebook page as spike hutton ;0)

  48. a flying squirrel would be AWESOME cause they are so rare!

  49. I don’t think a badger can be beaten as it’s my wife’s favourite animal although I do think a hedgehog would be cool.

  50. I’m lucky enough to live in a woodland area & get lots of wildlife visiting me, I even have a family of badgers who I feed every night. There is also an owl in the woods but I’ve only ever heard him, never seen him & I think a chocolate owl would be great

  51. An Elephant

    How good would that be. Maybe chocolate for life

  52. A hedgehog would definitely be very cute and I imagine quite a bit harder to make.

  53. a lovely snowy owl made out of white chocolate would be fabulous x

  54. A dinosaur – yes I know they don’t live in woods nowadays, but they used to! Imagine the amount of chocolate you’d get with one of those – it would keep me going for, ooh, at least a week ;-)

  55. i follow on facebook as sharon griffin .984

  56. A doormouse – would make a change from a sugar mouse.

  57. My vote would be for a squirrel- we have a family of them living in our garden and I love watching them run and ‘fly’ through the trees.

  58. A deer; a very big one so I get loads of chocolate, although I’m not sure I’d eat it as it would be too nice

  59. am tempted to say the red deer (if the chocolate version was as big, but that’s me just being greedy!). Although technically not a creature, I think that some chocolate toadstools would look very cute!

  60. A life size SOLID blue whale……yep, I love my chocolate!

  61. A hedgehog with choccy spikes :)

  62. A squirrel with a really large bushy tail. I love squirrels but think of all the chocolate.
    liked on facebook carol peace

  63. A Hedgehog for me :) They are so cute!

    Liked on Facebook too (Sarah Ann)

  64. A deer would be lovely x

  65. A river otter x

  66. The fox because I just love foxes and my little niece adores them too :)

  67. I simply adore foxes, their stunning looks, their awesome intelligence and adapting to their surroundings in order to survive

  68. Have liked the FB page – Sarah-Jane Laycock

  69. I would like a chocolate Squirrel.
    As a nipper I used to love those white chocolate mice – Do they still do these?

  70. Definitely a hedgehog


  72. I would love to see a fawn as they are so cute and would be lovely made in chocolate

  73. Hedgehog, fantastic shape to make

  74. Two stoat – one in “summer” coat of yummy milk chocolate and the other in “winter” coat of white chocolate (for sharing you understand!)


  76. That badger looks fab! I would like to see a hedgehog – the chocolate spikes would look fab!

  77. I would love to see a Barn Owl in chocolate

  78. A fox because his bushy tail would need alot of chocolate to make, & Basil Brush is popularanyway, so think how everyone would love a chocolate version.

  79. I’d love to see an Armadillo!! Or a Mearcat. But if it has to be a forest animal, then a Barn Owl for me please.

  80. An Otter – just because I love them! :)

  81. I’d like to see a hedgehog – I think it would look really cute and it would be good to see how the spikes look made of chocolate

  82. Liked on facebook – Maria Turner

  83. I have liked on Facebook (Larley Haylar)

  84. Has to be a hedgehog.

  85. An otter would be lovely as they are one of my favourite wild animals and have a velvety soft sheen just like milk chocolate!

  86. An owl would be lovely.

  87. Followed on twitter.

  88. A polecat, i love my ferrets and would love to see their cousin in choccy.

  89. A curious looking fox, iconic of british wildlife and heritage

  90. Ooo a chocolate owl!!

  91. Now following on facebook too as Francesca Harrod :D

  92. Bunnies, lots and lots of Bunnies because they are so cute and being such ‘active breeders’ (lol), the choccy would just go on and on and on……..

  93. A red squirrel to celebrate the growing population.

  94. the little badger is adorable, almost too cute to eat would love to see a fawn as well beautifully made fingers crossed x

  95. a hedgehog family would be nice, Mum and Dad large ones with a couple of mini baby ones!

  96. liked on Facebook – same name Anthony Harrington

  97. i would like to see a hedgehog as they are my favourite woodland animals

  98. chocolate hedgehog would be cool

  99. I would like a life sized Adder (Snake) in dark and milk chocolate, so my Husband and I could both start eating it from either end and finish in the middle with a KISS. ;-)

  100. I am sooo desperate to save every badger (except this one!)

  101. A kangaroo would be adorable figure to have as a chocolate. Maybe with the mum carrying a baby kangaroo in its pouch so there will be another piece to share or to have later :p

  102. I would like to see an arctic Fox in white chocolate because we dont see them in England and I like white chocolate!

  103. I’d like to see a fawn – a chocolate Bambi would look so cute!

  104. Just followed you on Facebook although I’ve been following you on urbanspoon every time you update. I’m a Londoner, a lazy foodie myself but I do love your blogs and your reviews. Please keep them coming so I am ‘in’ with the latest food trends. My facebook name is however: wendy.lam.x

  105. A rat then maybe they would get better press!

  106. A hare as the rabbits have taken over Easter and it should be march hares not chocolate bunnies :)
    Facebook name: Eva Palmer

  107. OOoh! I’d love a choccy Badger. Mnom mnom mnom

    Mark Rollisson

  108. A chocolate wood mouse as I used to do surveys on them when I was a mammal soc volunteer – would have been a lot more interesting if they had been choccy ones :) @happyhomebird

  109. would love a fox cub but could not bare to eat it.

  110. The chocolate badger looks so good, almost too good to eat.

  111. The badger is gorgeous liking on face book as Debbie Bird

  112. Looks scrumptious. Miss Betty’s sooo much since I left Harrogate.

  113. Oh a little fox I think

  114. I would like to see a owl because the design of it would look amazing and it would also taste amazing.

  115. I would like to see a chocolate elephant as that’s the biggest animal I can think
    Of and I love chocolate yum x

  116. I think it would have to be a bat, because you could do them as edible Halloween decorations and hang them from the ceiling.

  117. I would like to be a fox because they are such an endearing and beautiful creature.

  118. A fox -With a BIG chocy tail

  119. I would love to see a choclolate squirrel

  120. liked on Facebook

  121. A hare

  122. A fox – I bet that would be a work of art in chocolate form.

  123. I have liked you on Facebook (Rachie Littleme)

  124. Chocolate animals would not last long around me, though I would l love to see a scene like Bambi and Flowers. That would be cool.
    Or a fox.

  125. A chocolate owl.. twit a woo!

  126. Chocolate hedgehog please!

  127. it would have to be a pheasant they are stunning animals and I always see them around where I live in the countryside x

  128. Chocolate badger is lovely! would like to see a chocolate weasel please x

  129. Tawny Owl (Brown Owl) – a beautiful animal with a nice mixture of white & brown feathers, would be an ideal combination of colours to copy using chocolate.

  130. also liked on facebook kim plant x

  131. A squirrel, they’re so darned cute, but I’d still eat a chocolate one.

  132. Honestly, I can’t think of any better than the badger – my nickname is badger (given to me by my brothers, for being short, chunky a bit wide in the bum area and bloody viscious), and that is why I am convinced there can be no better woodland animal to immortalise in chocolate than the badger. Having said that, I do like hedgehogs, just cause they’re so freaking cute!

  133. a squirrel, although I don’t know that I could eat it as they are too cute! x

  134. A squirrel – if only because I am terrorised by one who lives in my wheely bin and scares me on a daily basis. I would like to get my own back by gnawing him to bits – but only if he was made of chocolate (obviously!)

  135. Liked on facebook as Elaine Greenall

  136. I’d like a toad shaped like Toad off the wind and the willows as this was my favourite childhood story.

  137. a squirrel

  138. A mole
    I can honestly say I have never seen a chocolate mole before so unique

  139. I’d like to have a chocolate wood pigeon, because I wouldn’t have a problem eating it. Those things were the bain of my life before I moved out of my parents house with their incessant cooing.

  140. wow thats so clever hedgehog be lovely liked on facebook as kathryn cummings and followed on twitterx

  141. I’m happy to see the badger immortalised in chocolate – they need all the positive publicity they can get at the moment.

  142. Liked on Facebook – Paul Wilson

  143. I would like to see a chocolate toad :D

  144. I’d like to see a hedgehog done. I expect there would be a lot of artistry in it!

  145. Could i ‘badger’ you for a chance to win???

  146. I like to see Squirrel.. with lovely tufty tail..only because i was in the tufty club..

  147. I’d love to see a chocolate hedgehog, especially if you did a curled up hedgehog which opens up to reveal another hedgehog. Think of all that chocolate.

  148. Liked on FB as Lynne OConnor


  150. A deer,they are so cute.

  151. Liked on Facebook.Pam Richardson

  152. A hedgehog because they’re cute

  153. A spikey hedgehog would be fun
    For me he’s have to be the one

  154. A monkey – my nieces nickname is Monkey Girl and she would adore a chocolate monkey

  155. A pigeon, I hate them, they wake me up with their scuttling and noise. I would take great pleasure in biting off it’s head.

  156. A Hedgehog, I just love them, They have such cute faces.

  157. I would love to see a fox immortalised in chocolate. They are beautiful woodland creatures, attractive to both adults and children. I imagine they wouldn’t be too difficult to fashion in chocolate & could be large or small, simple, ‘cartoonised’, or classy with intricate markings.. Something for everyone. Perfect.

  158. A Tawny Owl would be great. It was my nomme de plume at primary school, my favourite owl, and would lend itself very well to a multi-chocolate marbled effect (not to be filled with white chocolate mice though! Haha!)

    Dawny Owl
    (Liked on Facebook as Dawn Burton).

  159. I’d love to see a squirrel in chocolate. I love watching them in my garden and often leave nuts and food out for them,

  160. I would like to see a moose created in chocolate (I think it counts as a woodland creature even if not in the UK!). My reasons are twofold: First, you could eat a chocolate moose (mousse, hilarious joke) and second, it would be huge!

  161. I quite fancy a chocolate grass snake (I’m assuming they are found in woods too!). They’d be the perfect shape to just start nibbling from one end and just keep going!

  162. Point me to the chocolate fox… assuming it is life size of course!

  163. A Gruffalo – it’s the biggest woodland creature that I can think of

  164. a hedgehog would look great with all the spikes

  165. a hedgehog as I would love to see how they did the spikes!

  166. Oh My Lordy……….It doesn`t get much better than this for me to be honest ! My nickname is Badger and I have a plethora of Badger themed products in my life. This is amazing! I guess that if I had to choose another little fellow to be immortalised in yummy chocolate then I`d like Badger to have Mole as a friend :) Liked on Facebook as Jo McGawley

  167. Facebook follow : Jo McGawley

  168. A Raccoon….made with a combination of white and dark chocolate. Yum :-)

  169. A hedgehog would be good, although it may be a bit “spikey” in the mouth to eat

  170. I would like to see a chocolate squirrel or hedgehog, as they’re both cute!

  171. Liked on Facebook, username Emma Hart.

  172. I would like to see a chocolate owl. Or preferably, two owls (there’s a Vic and Bob reference here)!

  173. I’ve liked you on Facebook as Mse Rachel

  174. The lovely penguin ( they smell so bad in the flesh it would be lovely to see them formed in delicious sweet smelling chocolate) x

  175. a cute little bunny

  176. Have liked on facebook – Emma Powell

  177. A hedgehog because I could bite off his spikes and eat them, one by one … and for some reason, that realy appeals to me :-)

  178. I’d love a hedgehog! – it would be so cool to have a spikey looking chocolate figure!!

  179. A Squirrel. xx

  180. A fox i would love to see what he tail would look like in chocolate. x

  181. Badger all the way! :D

  182. he looks to good to eat

  183. A stag becuase he is king of the woodlands

  184. I’d like a fox immortalised in chocolate – they’re been getting a really bad rap in the press lately and it is completely unfair. We humans are the ones driving wildlife out of their homes and then complaining when they come into urban areas to scrounge the food that we leave lying all over the place! So yes, a a beautiful, majestic fox that isn’t being hunted by dogs or humans

  185. I follow you on Facebook as “caroline scott”

  186. A red squirrel – my Grannie loves them so much :)

  187. Liked on Facebook – Cheryll Hastie :)

  188. A fox would be good, with maybe some gooey chocolate inside its bushy tail

  189. Liked on facebook (name Elisa Wrighty Wright)

  190. Aww a lovely cute squirrel :) xoxo

  191. Following on fb – Danielle Vedmore xoxo

  192. I wood like to see a woodpecker in chocolate that would be my choice

  193. A fox would be great

  194. An Eagle cool

  195. Liked on FB as Veronica Therawati xxx

  196. I’d like to see a fox immortalised in chocolate, as a work colleague and I have a joke about an imaginary fox called Andy who is slowly taking over the world. To see him in chocolate would be wonderful.

  197. I think a deer would be good – esp if life size as then i would be a lot of chocolate :) yum

  198. Does a duck count? I am a little obsessed with Ducks. If not, then a stag as they are the royalty of the woods.

  199. a moose. Its a beast and would make a large mould. Perfect

  200. A red squirrel – just because I love them. It would probably be too cute to eat though!

  201. hedgehog because there really cute.

  202. I’d love to see a chocolate hedgehog, they’re adorable creatures :)x

  203. I would love to see an owl as they are so elegant and beautiful.

  204. A squirrel. Why? I just love them. Was brought up on island where there wasn’t any. 11 years after leaving home I still get ridiculously excited when I see one!

  205. I’d like to see a chocolate squirrel because they’re so cute and fluffy!

  206. Facebook username: Harry BF

  207. Well my fave animal is the rabbit but you already see a lot of chocolate versions of those so maybe a chocolate fox would be good. (as long as it was kept away from the chocolate bunnies!)

  208. A white rabbit as I like rabbits and love white chocolate.

  209. Looks amazing :-)

  210. I’d like to see a chocolate squirrel, so I could ‘squirrel away all the chocolate to eat by myself!

  211. Have liked your Facebook page.

    Frances Heaton

  212. a red squirrel; because thet are uniques were I live on the isle of wight

  213. A deer, they are my favorite animal

  214. I’d say a Squirrel as my better half thinks she is one and i’m sure you could incorporate nuts in with it!

  215. I would like to see a Hedgehog made from chocolate, they are just adorable

  216. Liking on Facebook as Maria Jane Knight

  217. A Robin with Strawberry chocolate red breast!

  218. thats so different im loving it
    tweeted @lyndac1234

  219. Does a Tree Ent from Lord of the Rings count. If It does that’s my choice, it would last forever!

  220. Id like to see a squirrel in chocolate because they never keep in one place long enough to get a proper look at them,this way it would keep perfectly still until i decide to eat it x

  221. I’d like a chocolate bambi, delicate and cute – not sure which bit to bite off first though.

  222. Id like to see a Robin made in chocolate as they are such lovely birds and one of the few nice things about winter lol

  223. A stoat! Because they’re just so sweet looking

  224. Have also liked you on Facebook under the same name.

  225. A squirrel because it would be full of little nuts !

  226. Joanna Smith on Facebook / @strawberrisc on Twitter

  227. a squirrel , because my oldest son loves them !

  228. Another vote for the hedgehog, i have one hibernating in my chicken coup – so cute

  229. A Fox because then there could be lots of white chocolate too :)

  230. Would love to see an Owl

  231. I’d love to see a chocolate fox – foxes have had quite bad press recently and I think a chocolate version would help! They’re such beautiful animals :)

  232. I’d like an owl, because they are fabulous!

  233. I asked my other half and he said a woodpecker, but personally I’d go for a hedgehog or squirrel x

  234. I would love to see a deer in chocolate – still have fond memories of Bambi – although don’t know how I would feel about eating a deer!

  235. A hedgehog would be great.

  236. A deer as they are so secretive!

  237. Liked on FB – handmadetsunami

  238. A hedgehog – would like to see how all those spikes could be done

  239. Ruth Hunter on facebook

  240. A Hedgehog

  241. My facebook username is muslimahimse

  242. A weasel. A friend of mine has a total fixation on weasels and a chocolate one would just make her explode in excitement :-)

  243. An owl!! How wise to be an owl! Stunning creatures and would love to see on created in chocolate!

  244. FB follower – Kristy L Brown

  245. Twitter follower – cluckyhen0

  246. A beaver as I love them and they are just being reintroduced to the UK

  247. I’d like to see a chocolate red squirrel because they are lovely!

  248. I’ve liked the Facebook page! – Hazel Hazel Rush

  249. elephant :)

  250. unicorn

  251. Aww, that is so cute! I’d like to see a cat because I love them!

  252. A deer – life sized – more choccie for me & I love seeing them on woodland walks :)

  253. liked on fb katie skeoch

  254. If Owls count as woodland creatures then I’d love love love to see one of those little cute birdie in chocolate form. Although, I love owls so much that I might feel really guilty about eating its little face!

  255. I would like to see an owl immortalised in chocolate (although it wouldn’t exactly be immortal with a chocolate lover like me around!) I love owls and have been collecting owly things since I was 9 years old. You can hardly turn your head in my house without seeing an owl. :)
    My second favourite woodland animal is a badger, so it’s fantastic to see that’s already been done! :)

  256. I’m following on twitter and have liked on facebook (Laura Ellen)

  257. A pheasant! My dad would love it :)

  258. Liking on Facebook – Sarah Hearnden

  259. Love the badger :) – We used to get foxes & deer in our garden which were gorgeous to see, so maybe one of those x

  260. I was going to say a squirrel, but suddenly thought a woodpecker attacking a treetunk would look great in chocolate, and is something I have not seen before xx

  261. following on Facebook, Mark Minnie Whittaker

  262. A choccy baby deer would be adorable

  263. Your chocolate badgers are adourable, I’d love to win one for my son. I’ve liked your facebook page, my facebook name is Shirley Leah Harpley.

  264. A chocolate squirrel would be soo cute.

  265. Following on twitter and tweeted @linziwoopp

  266. Like your facebook page Lindsey Marie Jones

  267. Hi – How funny I was reading on twitter this morning about chocblog’s review of the old spot pig review and she mentioned the badger in that and now you have it on here – they look fab dont they !

    I have been following you @msmsaclark

  268. I’d like to see a deer immortalised in chocolate :)

  269. Hedgehog! :)

  270. I’d like to see a hedgehog because the spikes might keep my O/H from eating it too quickly

  271. Liking on facebook :)

  272. I have liked your Facebook page – Hannah Cooper. I would like to see a hedgehog because apart from the badge, the are so rare and they are so cute. fingers crossed

  273. An elephant! They were my favourite animals to see on safari!

  274. Hedgehog – because my wife loves them!

  275. Like the Kavey Eats Facebook page as William Gould.

  276. i would like to see a hedge hig, I think the soikey chocolate would be beautiful

  277. A roe deer – as it’s a fabulous woodland animal that deserves far greater recognition :)

  278. I’ve liked the Kavey Eats Facebook page. My Facebook username is: Ian Campbell

  279. I’d like to see a wild boar. I know they’re not particularly cute but everything looks cute made out of chocolate so it might raise their reputation. Also boars are pretty big which means lots of yummy chocolate for me. They’re also unusual and would be a fun challenge for the chocolatiers!

  280. A big stag – complete with antlers – might be a wee bit tricky to deliver though!

  281. Liking on Facebook as Brian Williams
    (Would love to have a chocolate giant panda – the bigger the better!)

  282. I’d like to see a tortoise – I just love the look of them, they’re fab creatures – plus, the shell would look pretty in chocolate!

  283. I follow you on twitter @starcatch3r

  284. I tweeted!!! @starcatch3r

  285. I like you on facebook! (Natalie Holland)

  286. A Squirrel or as my son would say a squiggle

    Tweeted as @appliepie1 and loved and shared on FB

    Great Competition


  287. A red squirrel, to me they’re the cutest woodland creature here.

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  289. […] year I ran a competition to give away a beautiful chocolate badger from Betty’s. It proved enormously popular; it seems that you were just as enchanted with the […]

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