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Mitarashi Dango is a popular snack in Takayama. Sold by larger shops and tiny stalls, available hot or cold, this tasty skewered snack consists of sweet glutinous dumplings made from mochiko (rice flour) and basted in a sweet soy glaze. Miso and green tea versions are available, but the soy glazed one seemed most prevalent in Takayama.


These large, evenly-glazed beauties were just 100 Yen per skewer from a shop on Kokubunji Dori, just east of Kaji-bashi (bridge) and only a short stroll from our ryokan.

Japan2012-2274 Japan2012-2271

Even cheaper were smaller hot grilled skewers from the many stalls within the preserved historic districts of the old town area, though the cold ones here were probably my favourite. The staff at this shop were very friendly and helpful, explaining their many products. I also bought some delicious local pickles here, after tasting a sample.

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  1. They look delicious especially with a soy glaze!

  2. I just loved Takayama, the street food and the miso shops. There was a stillness and a calm to it to which meant you could really soak everything up in your own time. Looking forward to reading more Japan posts.

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