Petetree’s Cheesey Potato Bake

One one of our numerous trips to France Pete & I enjoyed some wonderful meals at a cheese and wine restaurant in Bordeaux. One getting home, Pete attempted to recreate one simple dish we ate there and this is his rather tasty result! It’s a dish we both love so we have it once every 6 weeks or so! I’d have it every week but that much cheese makes it a no-no!

April cheesey bake (can’t remember which cheeses)

Petetree’s Cheesey Potato Bake
Approximately 200 grams potato per person (floury variety)
Approximately 200 grams strongly-flavoured cheeses per person (roughly one third each of a hard cheese such as Comte or Gruyere, a medium-soft cheese such as Maroilles or Pont l’Eveque and a blue cheese such as Gorgonzola or Stilton)


  • Peel and chop potatoes into roughly half inch cubes.
  • Parboil the potatoes. Better to over than under do this stage but don’t overcook them to the point they can’t hold their shape when transferred into the cooking dish.
  • Chop or break cheese into small pieces; about half an inch. Pete often slices some of the soft cheese to lay over the top.
  • Distribute potatoes and cheese evenly in a shallow oven dish. (You can either use individual baking dishes or one larger one for a communal meal).

Just a little longer!

Perfect! This one contains Ilha Graciosa, Blue d’Auvergne and Pont l’Eveque

  • Bake at a medium heat, about 160-180 degrees, until the cheese is starting to brown on top. Time is a little dependent on the cheese mix but is approximately 45 minutes.

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