Travel Quote Tuesday | Shannon L Alder

Many travellers swear by solo travel and I appreciate their viewpoint – there is much to be said for the freedom of a solo traveller to choose their own path, set their own pace, to experience what they see without distraction, and to engage fully with locals and fellow travellers. But for me, I am… Read more »

January 17, 2017

20 Things to See Do Eat & Drink in Porto, Northern Portugal

Portugal’s second largest city and one of Europe’s oldest, Porto sits astride the mouth of Douro River, where it spills out into the North Atlantic Sea. Like nearby Braga, which I wrote about recently, Porto and its surrounding area have a fascinating and diverse history that stretches back to 300 BC. A great place to… Read more »

January 13, 2017

Travel Quote Tuesday | Joss Whedon

Ah Firefly. I’m not sure I’ll ever get over the premature ending of that most wonderful of series! This line is from the theme song, called The Ballad of Serenity – a sad tale of a soldier who has seen lands burn and seas boil, seen far too many comrades and loved ones die and… Read more »

January 10, 2017

Snapshots of Japan | A Meander Around Yokohama’s China Town

Yokahama China Town is said to be Japan’s largest. There are others in Nagasaki and Kobe – all three were among the first Japanese ports to open to foreign trade and many Chinese traders settled there in the years to follow. Nagasaki is the oldest of the three, established in the 17th century, and is… Read more »

January 5, 2017

Travel Quote Tuesday | Doctor Who

I have no idea whether there’s a correlation between those who love science fiction and those who love to travel. It seems to me – as a lover of both – that there ought to be! For me, both are rooted in a curiosity about the unknown and a delight in exploring every corner of… Read more »

January 3, 2017

Kavey Eats 2016 Favourites

2016 has been a full on year for Kavey Eats, with lots and lots of food and travel content. Read on for my favourite travel guides, restaurants, places I’ve stayed, drinks, food books, kitchen appliances, travel quotes and recipes from the year. Favourite Travel Guides This year’s travel has taken me to Germany, Japan, Canada… Read more »

December 31, 2016

Travel Quote Tuesday | Alice Meynell

The best travel moments linger in the memory not only for hours and days but for years, sometimes for a lifetime! I love this passage by Alice Christiana Gertrude Meynell, an English writer, poet and suffragist born in the 19th century. The photo is another from our first trip to Antarctica in 2004. We spotted… Read more »

December 27, 2016

Farewell to Koffmann’s at The Berkeley

Closing at the end of the year, Pete and I were determined to make a last visit to Koffmann’s at The Berkeley. The restaurant is run by the hugely talented and celebrated Pierre Koffmann and we love the way he cooks.   Amuse bouche of little soldiers of pissaladière – that lovely salty anchovy savouriness… Read more »

December 27, 2016

Hot Smoked Salmon Paté | Just 3 Ingredients

A few weeks back I shared the recipe for my Smoked Mackerel & Wasabi Paté which I made to take along to a friend’s sake party. The other dish I made was a second fish pate using hot smoked salmon. Once again, this no-cook recipe combines just three ingredients. It’s incredibly quick and easy to… Read more »

December 23, 2016

Travel Quote Tuesday | Alfred Tennyson

Travel is addictive! If I’m not actually travelling, chances are good that I’m researching, planning and booking at least one future holiday if not two, not to mention processing images and writing up blog posts on the most recent trip. Tennyson needs no introduction from me. I love this quote from his poem Ulysses, written… Read more »

December 20, 2016